Dylan Duvergé is a professional geologist (CA License No. 9244), 40-Hour HAZWOPER-Trained, and has a unique combination of experience in environmental planning and the hydrogeological sciences across numerous service sectors and geographies.

Formed in 2021, Stratus intends to lead, conduct, and/or manage environmental evaluations related to surface water hydrology, groundwater aquifers, geology and soils for both program- and project-level impact assessments pursuant to the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), and/or in support of development, permitting, and entitlement of natural resource stewardship and water resource management projects. Stratus also provides water and earth resource education and advocacy services aimed at fostering a better public understanding of environmental issues. Central to Stratus’ mission is an acknowledgment that Earth’s natural resources are a gift, and that socioeconomics, environmental justice, and indigenous rights must be acknowledged as inseparable from natural resource stewardship. Though Stratus’ services is focused on the geosciences, it can connect clients to its network of other environmental consulting firms and recommended independent consultants to provide full-service environmental planning and compliance.