I was thankful today to have been invited to join the week-long EcoCamp as a geology/hydrology guide! EcoCamp is hosted by the Upper Gila Watershed Alliance and The Nature Conservancy, where students engage in educational activities along the banks of the Gila River. Located at the Box Canyon Day Use Area along the Gila River near Cliff, NM, the camp is designed to reconnect young people with the natural world through a variety of fun, place-based activities, including primitive skills training local stewardship projects, and an introduction to regional indigenous cultures. Half of the group was transported from Apache reservations in Texas and Oklahoma, and for most, it was their first time seeing their ancestral homelands. We went on a hike to the USGS gauge on the Gila River, and along the way I imparted my knowledge of the areas geology and hydrology. It was such a great and gratifying day!

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